About Us

Awesome Insurance Leads is one of the most technologically advanced and sought after national lead generation companies for professionals in the financial services and insurance industry. Our lead strategies supply advisers with time-tested, cutting edge and proven turn key concepts that attract prospects to quickly build their business.

Awesome Insurance leads and its parent company EIG ‘Life and Annuity’ can also help you build an agency. Our support team and staff can help you create a variety of customized marketing campaigns to help attract the types of agents you want to help grow your business. With our upline support, marketing and contracting methods, its no wonder why more agents have turned to EIG and Awesome Insurance Leads to help grow their business!


Tired of wasting money on marketing that doesn’t work?

Awesome Insurance Leads is on the front lines of technology with all of our custom telemarketing campaigns and this enables us to save you time and money. Our advanced IT infrastructure allows us to provide secure, instant on-line access to all of the important details of your lead and seminars appointment programs.