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Why our leads are so succesful

What does all this mean? Telemarketing has now become THE INDUSTRY STANDARD in generating qualified leads for our growing customer base of insurance agents. Our state of the art call center uses a predictive dialing system that allows each telemarketer to make 5 calls at a time and up to 300 calls per day in a single daily campaign. This level of activity is unprecedented when compared to the cluttered marketing space of direct mail.

To discover the future of lead generation, you don’t have to wait, it’s here and our marketers are ready take your production to the next level. With top commission levels and rock bottom lead prices, there is no better time to get started!

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All of Your Insurance Marketing Questions Answered – Under One Roof

Marketing Reports That Actually Help

All of our marketing programs include state of the art reporting methods that reflect the same quality as the leads that we provide. Once you are a customer, you will have access to our CRM, Sales tools and reporting methods that actually help facilitate more sales!

All The Top Insurance Carriers

Awesome Insurance Leads has partnered with EIG Marketing to provide above street level commissions and marketing reimbursements to provide your leads at rock bottom prices. Also- ask one of our marketers how you can try one of our programs for free!

Never Underestimate Experience

Our marketing and sales team has over 22 years of individual experience (not combined). From case designs, to illustrations and marketing, we’ve got you covered. We guarantee all of our dovetailed marketing and insurance programs will be a game changer to your bottom line.

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Whenever I have a question about my leads,

Marketing or case work, I call these guys up. They’ve made me more than 32K in commissions since January of 2017, and that’s just on the final expense side! Whatever they advised me, turned out to be gold! I’m glad I started with Awesome Insurance Leads last fall.

Roger Hanson

RE: Life Leads

As an experienced insurance agent I’ve ran a lot of different lead programs…I stumbled across an Awesome Insurance Leads email offering the “Best Term Life Leads” and they weren’t kidding! I started with 10 leads and closed 3 cases totaling $3,400 in commissions and only spent $320.00 on marketing. How’s that for a marketing program!

Anthony Donadio

The Math…Says I am Winning!

I’ve been running seminars/ workshops for over 11 years. I spend about $4200 per month on mailings, meals and reservations. I gave Awesome Insurance Leads a shot to try and save some money on my marketing. I am now saving over $800 per month on my workshops and averaging a 1/2 percent more return on my attendance!

Robert Vance